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2010 Consumer Luggage Report —

Survey results reveal that increased baggage fees, along with tighter security guidelines and regulations in the travel industry, have directly impacted consumer behavior. developed our first-of-its-kind 2010 Consumer Luggage Report. We administered a survey that revealed increased baggage fees, along with tighter security guidelines and regulations, have directly impacted consumer behavior. Download the full report for free by clicking "Download Now" on the left. 

Consumer Luggage Report Key Findings

The quantifiable data depicts travel habits and primary decision factors when purchasing luggage. Key findings from the survey are outlined below.

  • luggage features report57.4% are now packing lighter and using smaller travel bags, and 56.5% check fewer bags, due to increasing airline fees and restrictions.
  • 72.3% most commonly use carry-on bags during air travel.
  • 79.1% consider luggage size and dimensions the greatest influence on their decision to purchase, with luggage weight (69.3%) the second-most deciding factor.

    luggage functionality report

  • 44.2% prefer lightweight materials the most when purchasing luggage.
  • 88.9% consider wheels the most important luggage feature, with retractable handles (71.4%) the second-most important feature.

About’s Customer Survey

This report includes statistics from survey results and buying behavior reported by, and the national Travel Goods Association, which organizes the world’s largest travel goods show each year. Through the survey findings, was able to illustrate how increased baggage fees, and tighter security guidelines and regulations have directly impacted consumers’ packing habits and primary purchasing influencers.

  • Survey was administered through an email-newsletter invitation.
  • Survey sample of 21,000 was established through’s customer base.
  • Survey results are based on 235 participants.