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Feeling the Squeeze: Making the Case for Packing in 2012

Posted by Laura Pinter on Tue, May 01, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

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Consumer Luggage Report 2012Survey results reveal that consumers are shifting the way they approach their luggage contents, and becoming more strategic about packing decisions and luggage purchases. has released its 2012 Consumer Luggage Report.

As a follow-up to previous years’ reports, survey results revealed that, in response to increased baggage and airline fees, consumers are looking for lighter, more durable luggage to counterbalance costs. Additionally, consumers are placing a greater emphasis on how increased baggage and airline fees have changed their travel habits, their approach to packing, and how this has impacted their travel decisions.

New results show that consumers want to get the most out of their carry-on luggage, testing their capacity by literally packing their bags to the brim to avoid fees. CEO John Ebb says that customers always ask, ‘What is the lightest bag you have?” While consumers hope to decrease their luggage load with lightweight pieces, the overall weight of the luggage is determined more by the materials packed. And, consumers have really picked up on this concept, understanding that packing lighter will make the biggest difference.

In addition, Becky Tannar, Retail Manager and a luggage specialist, noted that a major consumer trend at a recent travel show was how to pack more into smaller spaces.

Key Findings

The quantifiable data depicts travel and packing habits in response to baggage and airline fees, and primary decision factors when purchasing luggage. Key survey findings are outlined below. Download the full luggage report here.

  • 84% of respondents said that they usually, or always, pack less items overall in an attempt to avoid paying extra baggage fees.
  • 75% of respondents admit they either have tried to or always pack more into smaller, carry-on bags to bypass checking luggage.
  • Nearly half (42%) of respondents use smaller travel bags as a result of the changes in airline industry regarding baggage costs and regulations.
  • When traveling by plane, 74% of respondents choose airlines with limited or no baggage fees due to the increase in previous years.
  • More than 60% of respondents reported that packing, baggage fees and other luggage-related issues have impacted their travel decisions in the previous year.

About the Survey

The survey was administered in March 2012, through an email-newsletter invitation and through’s Facebook page and Twitter account. Results were compiled in April 2012 based on responses of the survey’s participants.

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